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Welcome to our new website which we are now opening to the general public. The old site has served us and our lovely customers well over the last 15 years. But it will be soon time for it to be retired gracefully.

Looking at the statistics, the site processed so far 69,097 orders and we must thank it for such an effort.

I look forward to this new site doing as well and here’s to a bright organic future for Macleod Organics and our wonderful supporting customers.

We must give a special big thank you to Miho for her superb diligence and hard work to get this website up and running. She took on the task of completing the project along with all the other things that she does and has impressed us all by bringing it together successfully. Thank you Miho!!!

Now to this week’s theme. Proof that spring is coming!!!!

Signs of spring in the rhubarb field

In the autumn Andrew Lyle moved a whole field of Rhubarb (all 5 acres of it) to our farm here at Kylerona and it is great to see it taking off nicely.

It will not be long before all the boxes will be brimming with it. (Apologies to the customers who dislike rhubarb). You can always advise us to swap it.

Over the last three weeks the weather has been very cold with lots of snow around (snowmen, sledges and snowball fights for Annamarie and Alasdair). But that is all gone with a remarkable change in temperature. (11 degrees yesterday when it was -11 degrees only last week).

So the spring work begins — sowing seeds and pruning the fruit bushes are the first tasks.

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