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About us

We are a family firm with a proud history of delivering 100% organic produce since October 1998.  We remain fully committed to bringing the freshest, best value, most local possible and always 100% organic products to your doorstep.

Founder of the business, Donnie Macleod, started delivering produce from his own ‘Kylerona’ farm, other local growers and organic farms in Perth, Fife and wholesalers in the Central Belt.

The sourcing priorities have always been to firstly supply Highland produce, secondly supply from the rest of Scotland then the UK followed by Europe and the rest of the world.  All organically certified, with produce from Europe and the rest of the world travelling by ship never by air.

We now deliver far and wide across the country.

We hope you enjoy our website.  We look forward to working with you to change the planet for the better.


The Macleod Organics Team

Donnie, Sheena, Jonathan, Alasdair, Kamil, Jacek, Miho, Scott, Daisy, Nathan.