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A big thank you

2020 and beyond –

Last year we all had to adapt to a new way of being.
Here, the year began with change. Donnie and I retired as volunteer hosts and moved into the farm bungalow. Alasdair and Scott took over from ours and the volunteers accommodation. Due to no longer hosting volunteers, two part-time workers were hired to help Nathan, Scott and Alasdair.

March ‘Lockdown’ – we found a way to increase space, to socially distance, maintain a bubble and keep up with the increased workload. Jacek was hired as part-time packer to join Kamil who is now full time.
At the beginning of August, Donnie’s son Stevie with his wife Miho and daughter Hanako, moved back to the farm from Livingston where he had been working as part of the team. Sadly, Stevie died a few weeks later after a long standing health problem. Donnie took on Stevie’s work and Miho joined our team.

Keeping us going through all this has been this dedicated team, now joined by Daisy, Angela and Craig as extra packers.

So – a big thank you to our team, including Jonathan who looks after our southern customers.
Together we will endeavour to bring you healthy, fresh, organic produce to keep all our immune systems strong.

And, a big thank you to all of you for your patience, support and kind wishes helping Macleod Organics progress into the future.

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