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Tea English Breakfast 40 bags (Clipper)

£3.35 available on subscription

40 bags



Clipper Organic English Breakfast Tea comes from environmentally integrated tea estates in the lush, fertile Brahmaputra Valley in north east India and the beautiful mountains of Sri Lanka. Perfect for a morning cuppa.

Using only natural methods of cultivation, Clipper Organic English Breakfast Tea is pure, natural and delicious with a bright, fresh flavour and appearance. An excellent tea at any time of day. The Fairtrade Mark displayed on this delicious tea is your independent guarantee that the people who produce it are protected from exploitation. The Fairtrade tea estates are regularly inspected to ensure they fulfil the strict standards laid down by the Fairtrade Foundation, covering education, healthcare, housing, fair pay, safe working conditions and many other welfare matters. Clipper’s philosophy is to buy high quality tea from tea estates in the developing world where organic growing methods are combined with good standards of production and social and economic welfare for tea pickers and their families. Together, this approach ensures the protection of the land, the people that live and work on it and the wildlife, sustaining a balanced, fertile environment.