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Dried Figs (Suma) 250g

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Use figs as a sweet substitute, simply eat and enjoy with no added sugar, just natural sweetness. They make the perfect addition to a cheese board, chopped up into a cereals or in baking, particularly fruit cakes and muesli bars.

An excellent source of calcium, iron, potassium, and dietary fibre. Often recommended for people watching their weight as they provide a feeling of fullness while reducing hunger and cravings. A natural source of prebiotics helpful in encouraging ‘good’ bacteria in the gut. Contain high levels of oxalates that have a laxative effect – can eat regularly, but not too much!

Figs often develop a white powdery coating which is called sugaring – a natural process which is caused by the crystallisation of the fruit sugars in the fruit. If you need to freshen up the dried figs that have crystallised, it is easy, just wash them!

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