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Pork Shoulder 1.5kg (rolled)

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Approx pack weight: 1.5kg



Ah yes, a truly versatile and easy joint to cook. Do you like slow roast flaky pork, with some fatty gravy to go over it and a bit of crispy crackling for that all important crunch? Well look no further. If you’re a chef you’ll want pork belly (it’s a nice shape) but if you are a home cook, pork shoulder will be your go to slow roast of pork. There’s more of it, its incredibly forgiving – put it in a roasting dish at lunchtime and leave it for the rest of the day – come back later, it’s ready. Remove the skin once your 15 mins away from eating, i.e. your mashing the potatoes, and finish the skin in a hot oven to get your crackling crispy. Are we obsessed with crackling? Oh yes.

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